With the Flight Support Department, you can assure more than one service, that it will help you to save time.

The following services are available 24/7:
Overflight permit/clearance
Landing permit/clearance
Block permit/clearance
Hotel Accomodation

Overflight and landing permits must be requested and granted, before your aircraft can legally enter the FIR of another country.
We can get you those permits, in a short timeframe possible. Just send us the ATC FPL that we will take care of the rest, wherever you are flying to… ALWAYS ON TIME!

We coordinate all the ground operation, together with the handling agent, to working ahead, so the operator and the passengers don’t lose time, once they land at their destination.
We take care of your aircraft, crew and passengers.

The operator does not need to lose time, looking for hotel accommodation and transportation. We provide that service, according the client’s request.

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